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Handy Apps for Stress-Free House Moving

Apps to help you move house

House moving is a hard work and stressful most of the time. With all that this age can offer, you’ll be happy to know there’s something that can make your house move easier. Using only your smartphone, you can use a variety of apps designed to make removals essex quite easy. To further save your time, here are some of the best and most useful apps to help you when moving house.


Zoopla is one of the best apps you can have for moving house. It’s the most comprehensive app on UK property search and it’s also free. Even as you’re on the move, Zoopla lets you browse and search properties for sale along with relevant information. Additionally, it lets you bookmark your prospect properties, track them and follow their change in price.

Packing Pro

The difference between Packing Pro and all other moving apps is that it can be useful even after you’ve moved. When it comes to moving and packing your things, this is one of the most challenging tasks but with Packing Pro, it becomes easier as this app lets you track where all your belongings are and help with checklists for what you need on the day so don’t forget anything. These features make Packing Pro quite a useful app even after your house move.

Pro Moving Planner

Pro Moving Planner is another comprehensive app for moving home on the market. It has varying features including a checklist tool. It’s capable of organising your relocation by detail and whatever else you will need for your move. At the same time, this app is capable of tracking the professional services you are about to hire. It allows you to properly plan your move and your budget, so you don’t have to waste more money, time and energy.

Google Keep

One nifty app you can use for your house moving is Google Keep. It’s an app that lets you make quick notes, and is simple and easy to use. This way, whenever you remember something you need to do for your packing and moving, you can quickly make notes on the go. With Google Keep, there’s no way you can forget the little jobs again.


The Brightnest app is a handy app whether you are moving for the first time. This app is quite useful when organising your home as it is capable of taking the location of your new home and offering some things in the area that are relevant to you. It’s not as comprehensive as any other apps, but it does make your move easier and more organised.


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