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Why removals companies are a better solution for storage

Why removals companies are a better solution for storage

It's not possible to drive past an industrial estate on the outskirts of a big town or city without seeing a huge luminous self-storage facility. The increase of the self-storage business is a sign of the times – we all have an excessive amount of things and want someplace to keep them as we don't have enough storage space in the house.

But most folks are unaware there's a no less safe and considerably more affordable method to stash your treasured possessions. Removals businesses offer safe storage for a fraction of the cost charged by the self-storage giants.

Below we examine the points for using a removals company to store your stuff and explain why they are better than the self-storage giants for keeping your treasured items secure:

  • The price of the warehouse is considerably more high-priced for a self-storage businesses as they must contain elevators, stairs and floorings so customers can reach their storage space. Removals businesses store their containers collectively in their warehouses using forklift trucks, taking advantage of the space that is accessible. This means they can pass on cost savings to their customers.
  • While the self-storage businesses stress how handy and accessible they can be, removals companies can be just as convenient. Removals companies will return your possessions when you need them, pack them for you when taking items away from your home and can bring a storage container right to the customer’s doorstep. This removes unloading and loading at the self-storage warehouse, which is back breaking and highly-priced.

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