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Advice on moving with Pets

Advice on moving with Pets

If you think that moving to a new home is not stressful to your pet, you are sorely mistaken. While they don’t need to pack and organise things like you do, relocating is stressful for pets. Cats and dogs are pets that develop strong bonds not only with people, but with their homes as well.

Their homes are their safe zone, the place where they can be comfortable and consistently rely on for food, shelter and care. Changing a safe zone can bring rattled nerves, upset stomach or poor appetite to your pets. So, what can you do to help ease the stress of your pet? Fortunately, here are some useful tips that’ll help you make removals essex a little less stressful to your pets.

Stay Calm and Limit Changing Routines as much as possible

One thing about animals is that they have a keen sense of stress. They know when change is about to happen, especially so, when moving into a new house. To keep a stress-free move for your pet, the best thing you can do is to stay calm as much as possible. It’s better to refrain from making changes to your daily routine as well to keep your pet from feeling stressed as well.

Plan Ahead for What You’ll Need on Moving Day

Before the moving day, it’s important to plan ahead for what you will need or do to your pet that day. Do you need a sitter? Do you need to your pet? Do you want to keep them with you? Do you need to check in with the new veterinarian first? You had better take care of such things beforehand to ensure your move will be smooth and quick during the moving day.

Keep Your Pet On Lock Down For Safety

It is the day of the move and it’s certainly going to be stressful. Everyone will be excited and especially your pet. On this big day, one thing you don’t want to happen is for your pet to get in the way of the busy day. On that note, the most ideal solution is to keep them in an approved pet cage making sure it has all the necessities they need – space, food, water and toys – so they can be comfortable and safe.

Take Care of Your Pet First Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, it’s better to unpack your pet’s items first so when you let them go, they can be a little more comfortable with the new place. It’s especially best to unpack something they can hide in as they will probably want to do that first. Remember that pets have different reactions to a new place like cats which have more difficulty adapting to new environment than dogs.

The most important thing is ensuring a stress-free move for your pets is to know your pets well. Whether they easily adapt to a new environment or not, knowing such things will help you think of what to prepare beforehand. This way, you can make sure that your pet will adjust to changes more easily.


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