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How to un-pack after moving house

A guide to unpacking after your move

Few things are more frustrating than unpacking and organising your things at the other end after removals in essex. Nevertheless, if you plan for it, the procedure will take less time and be far less annoying. As a result, if you need to ensure the unpacking is as swift and painless as possible, make sure you read these below tips to learn from the experts on how to unpack after your removals company has transported your processions to your new address.

Unpacking after you’ve moved house

Make sure that each room is free from clutter and tidy. Always start with this point and you will find you save yourself a lot of time. In the majority of cases, the former occupants or landlord should have tidied the property properly. However, if not, you should have cleaned the property to give you a head start. After this, you can now start with the unpacking.

Undo the pre-prepared box of basic essentials. It is fundamental to make sure you have a box of basic essentials that you are going to need for the initial evening in a new home or flat. It needs to cover essentials like food, handtowels, clothes, toiletries, and any other things you think you’ll need throughout the initial twenty-four hours in your new property.

Categorise boxes in accordance with what they have written on them. If they have been labelled properly, it should be easy for you to decide where they need to be placed in each of the rooms at your new address. Remember that you should leave enough space for your furniture. You can pile one box on another to free up floor space.

Arranging your furniture

The easiest way to start off arranging your furniture is to draw up a floor plan of each of your rooms. Taking into account the positioning of doors is crucial to this process to ensure the best positioning of furniture. The floor plan will enable to you to try our different configurations of furniture.

Start off by organising the wardrobes and cabinets. The reason for this is they take up the most amount of space. Arrange clothes once you have finished arranging the furniture. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to declutter and throw out any unwanted items before you have moved now is the time to go through your household items and decide what can be thrown away or donated to charity. Next, you can start to put any electrical items, clocks and toiletries.

Arrange the kitchen once you’re finished with the bathroom and bedrooms. You will probably have lots of kitchen appliances and utensils you’ll have to unpack and put in the correct places, this part is probably the most irritating. You’ll need to make sure you plan where all the plates, glasses, and cutlery are going to live so for the next few weeks until you get back to life as normal, you don’t spend too much time looking for them. You may want to leave a few knives and forks out on the kitchen work surface until you decided where they will go permanently.

Place all kitchen appliances in sensible places. As a professional removals company, at Herts & Essex Removals we always consult the customer on where the appliances should be left as the last thing you want to do after we have left the job is trying to move your oven from one end of the kitchen to the other. Nonetheless, if you must relocate the oven to a different area in the kitchen, be sure to put it close to where you have put the cooking utensils and cooking pots. We also suggest having a designated place for small kitchen appliances you won’t need for everyday use.

Make sure you place detergents in a secure place that is hard for children to reach. This is because these chemicals can be toxic, and it’s advisable, if you can, to have a designated area for them where children cannot gain access to. A high shelf or locked cupboard is great for this.

There are times when you move house and you simply cannot face doing the unpacking, or you may not have the time. This is why we offer an unpacking service suited to your individual requirements and needs.


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