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Tips on how to pack your kitchen yourself when moving house

How to do a self pack of the kitchen

The kitchen may be a daunting prospect if you're doing your own packing for your move by yourself. So many bits and pieces including sharp, perishable or delicate items.

Where to start?

Begin well in advance

You're likely to regret packing in a hurry. The kitchen is full of so many individual things and you will find you have to open empty box after box to locate the tin opener in a hurry, and unless you're mindful, your pack could result in absolute pandemonium at the other end when you get to your new house. So organisation and preparation are essential.

Make sure you get lots of other packaging material and boxes

You'll need containers and boxes of various sizes and strengths (some kitchen things can very heavy). Some boxes should have dividers for bottles. Make sure you label everything, i.e. write on the boxes what is actually contained in them and not just where they are going.

Your removals essex company will be able to provide the packing materials for you should you need them.

Handle one place in the kitchen at a time

To minimise the disturbance and mess, attempt to be disciplined before moving on and finishing a cupboard or drawer, otherwise, you could find that all the hardest to pack items are left lying around at the end.

Begin with regions of the kitchen, and packing the things that are infrequently used first

There are many things in the kitchen that you'll be able to live without for a short time. For example, cake tins, mixers, bread makers and so forth. Additionally, big serving platters typically used for special occasions and cosmetic things including paintings from the walls, and towels can be managed without until you get to your new home. Cookbooks should be packed level to avoid damaging them. It is advisable to remember that they get quite heavy when they are all packed in together, so be careful not to overload a carton of novels for example.

In addition, this is an excellent time to throw out things that may be redundant or broken but have found their way to the rear of a drawer and lurked hidden for ages - have a large bin beside you as you pack.

Attempt to use food up

Most foods aren't worth the difficulty and expense of going with you to your new place. Remember that volume will be quoted by removal companies, so you must reduce unneeded things to save on the quotation price. Don’t forget to run down the contents of the freezer leading up to your move date - if you can’t throw it out, give it away or use it up.

There will be things left over in well-stocked family kitchens, for example, herbs and spices which you are going to need to take with you.

Prepare big appliances

In case you are choosing to take things like the dishwasher, refrigerator or cooker with you, you must make an effort to ensure this is done properly. Cookers must be disconnected by a professional.

Some removal companies have staff trained, so ask them. You must use a Gas Safe engineer or an electrician to arrange this.

Consider essentials

Group the things you'll use straight away at your new address when you arrive. These will probably contain a small number of cutlery items and crockery, a teapot and kettle, and coffee or tea, and a couple of fundamental cleaning products. Plastic spoons and paper cups can be really helpful to save on washing up. You could arrive at you new property exhausted and starving in the middle of the night (if the exchanging of properties doesn't go smoothly), so you'll want to make sure you can still make a meal or a snack, and remember you'll want to toast your arrival in your new house with a drink, in which case, make sure you know where you put the glasses and corkscrew!

Making sure you have labelled the box correctly to set these essentials aside in order to find them promptly on arriving at your new address is a must. In doing this, you'll be able to manage without unpacking everything ensuring your move is a success.


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