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General Advice on Moving House with a Removals Company

General Advice on Moving House

For most, moving home is not something that is done on a regular basis and you may feel unsure as to which is the next logical step to progress with your relocation with so many tasks to undertake. If you're looking for Removals Essex, our moving consultants are friendly, knowledgeable professionals who can advise you on the entire moving process and will be able to help you with decisions you need to make surrounding the move. A nominated member of our team will be assigned to you at the initial point of contact.

When to arrange your quotation

Quotations with our company are provided free of charge and an appointment for a moving consultant to visit your home should be made at the earliest possible opportunity, this would usually be at the point of an offer being accepted. Our office is open from 8am until 8pm, 7 days a week for advice and bookings.

Booking your removal

Before booking, please read your quotation carefully to satisfy yourself that the services you need are included. It is best to telephone to confirm the date you require is available once this information becomes available to you.

Confirming a date

Most house sales become part of a completion chain. The longer the chain, the more difficult it can become to get every person in that chain to agree to a completion date. Usually a tentative completion date is agreed by the solicitors and the chain then works towards that date. When each party has everything in place, they are ready to exchange contracts. It is advisable to have a minimum 7 days between exchange and completion. If the chain is not ready to complete 7 days before, you are strongly advised to move the proposed completion date forward. Please bear in mind that whilst solicitors can arrange to exchange and complete on the same day, if anything was to go wrong you have no notice of it until the day.

Your removal day

Before your removal can commence, the vehicle needs to be placed as near as possible to your property. If you live in a narrow, restricted or busy street, we may have to contact the local authorities to place ‘no waiting’ cones for us. If the route to your house has any low trees or overhanging branches, it may be necessary to consider a little pruning. Removal vehicles can be over 4 metres (14 feet) tall and very expensive to replace! Your dedicated removal consultant will raise any possible issues at the point of quotation.

The removal team

Our teams are friendly and helpful individuals who are trained in all aspects of domestic relocations. On arrival they will introduce themselves and listen to any points you may be particularly concerned or worried about. They will then proceed to lay floor coverings to protect your carpets and fix door, doorframe and banister covers prior to moving your possessions.

At Herts & Essex removals we pride ourselves on our professional approach, therefore all our staff are uniformed, courteous and specialise in the work they undertake. They will be delighted to hear any advice you may feel is beneficial and will work with you to ensure a safe removal is delivered. Moving furniture can be heavy work requiring continuous physical and mental effort, so the odd tea-break is appreciated and gives the team a chance to meet you.

Loading the vehicle

The normal order of loading is: Upholstered items first, then bedrooms, followed by Lounge/Dining, kitchen and finally any garage and gardens. If required, our staff can empty the upstairs room by room, to allow you to clean or vacuum should you wish to before leaving the property.

Final checks

Before the vehicle and crew leave for your new destination, please make sure that everything you require to be moved has been loaded. Check fitted wardrobes, lofts, airing cupboards, kitchen cupboards, garages and sheds. Once you are satisfied, secure the property and deliver your keys to your estate agent. You will then need to visit the estate agent representing your new property (if different) to collect the keys to your new home.

Unloading your goods

It is advisable that someone is present when the vehicle arrives so the team can be directed whilst unloading. Your furniture will be placed in the room and position of your choice. Clearly labelled boxes will also help to make sure they are placed in the correct room. It is sometimes a good idea to have one room dedicated for boxes to avoid cluttering other rooms. Any furniture dismantled by us will be re-erected by us. On completion, the vehicle will be tidied and swept through. While the team are doing this, check that everything is where you would like it and assure yourself the vehicle is empty.


At Herts & Essex Removals we pride ourselves in offering a fully comprehensive and satisfying service. This is reflected once again in the level of insurance cover provided to you and this is provided FREE OF CHARGE. The goods on each vehicle are covered to a substantial £100,000. In the unlikely event that our staff should damage any item of your property you will receive our undivided attention to resolve the issue. An excess is payable in accordance with the policy but this is covered by us, one of many reasons that make Herts & Essex Removals a step above our competitors.

Containerised storage

If you are moving to an area where houses change hands so quickly that only the buyer with cash has a chance of getting the best property, on a temporary assignment abroad or just caught between houses, then our containerised storage could be the answer. A specially adapted vehicle brings up to 6 containers to your front door. Our crew will then carefully load and pack the containers whilst you are present. In addition to security, this system offers protection from dust and pests like moths and woodworm. Your furniture is only handled once into the container and then once more on re-delivery. Whereas, the old system would involve two sets of handling with consequent increase in risk of damage. It also makes it impossible for any two clients goods to be mixed whilst in storage.

Prohibited items

Unfortunately, the following cannot be accepted into our warehouse; Fuel of any kind, including paints, gas canisters, any petrol driven machinery without the tank being removed, or thoroughly cleaned so that no detectable vapours are given off, food including dried food, canned food and drinks. Separate arrangements should be made for plants.

Packing and preparing

Books and paperwork

These are deceptively heavy. Smaller boxes are provided for this purpose. As an alternative, half fill a medium or large size box and fill the second half with lighter items. Always pack books spine down.

Chests of drawers

These can be left filled with linen and clothing, please ensure that heavy or fragile items are removed. Drawers in divan beds need to be emptied.

Fridges and Freezers

These should be emptied and defrosted. Contents may be left in freezers provided they are bagged and the journey is short. The bags will be taken out immediately prior to being moved and replaced when the freezer is in position in the van.


These should be cleaned thoroughly , as grease can be hazardous to our staff when lifting. Pack any loose accessories separately. For microwaves remember to remove the glass turntable also.

Washing machines

These should be disconnected and the contents emptied. Remember to fit the transit bar/bolts if you still have them. Although we have moved a great number of machines without these fitted and have had no problems, it should be noted that the fitting of this bar is part of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Sheds and greenhouses

These should be dismantled in advance. Please note that we are unable to carry fuel canisters or gas bottles, whether empty or full.

Garden tools

These should be cleaned and collected into manageable bundles (3-5 items), then either taped together or tied with string.

Swings and slides

These will need to be dismantled in advance. Squirt penetrating fluid (WD40) onto the nuts and bolts a day before you intend to dismantle them.


Pack smaller plants into a box, leaving the top open. Larger garden pots will be loaded individually separate to your household goods. Whilst we take great care of your plants, they are not covered by our insurance, this also includes the pot.

Children & pets

Safety for pets and children is always paramount. Children will no doubt be excited to see a very large truck outside their home but please remember this is a workplace for our staff and can be a dangerous place for adventurous little ones! Young children can be given a ‘tour’ of the truck and may sit in the driving position, under supervision from our foreman of course. Once loading commences, they must stay off the back of the truck for their own safety.


Q. When is the correct point to arrange my quotation?
A. As soon as it becomes clear that you will be moving.

Q. I am moving long distance, how long will this take?
A. Depending on your destination, it may be necessary to undertake your removal over 2 days. We will plan your itinerary with you during our initial consultation.

Q. Can you dismantle furniture if required?
A. Yes. Any furniture dismantled by us will also be assembled by us.

Q. Will you empty my loft?
A. Unless the loft has a fitted staircase, is boarded out and lit, our insurance does not cover our staff for this activity. Please ensure your loft is empty prior to our arrival.

Q. Do you offer quotations outside office hours and/or at weekends?
A. Yes. We will aim to make ourselves available at a time to suit you.

Q. We may need to put items in storage, can you arrange this?
A. Yes. We offer containerised storage in 250cu ft purpose built storage containers allowing you to only use the volume of space required.

Q. Do you offer a service to pack and prepare antiques or fine art?
A. Yes. We have specific packing materials and expertise to allow the safe transport of such items.


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