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Advice on moving the elderly

Advice on Moving the Elderly

Moving the elderly needs thought and careful planning. Moving house can be trying and hard work for the elderly. Here are a few suggestions that may make the procedure simpler for them, if you're helping elderly relatives with a move.

Be respectful and considerate

It's not unusual for the elderly to be worried about the move. Maybe they're looking for Removals Essex because they're moving to a retirement home due to the fact they can't manage anymore on their own and moving signals 'admitting defeat'. Recognise how they may feel about certain issues and make an effort to voice the positives of the move rather than the negative.

Leave lots of time

Some matters are likely to take an elderly person far more time to complete. Not only may they not be as physically fit and as fast, but moving home will probably stir up lots of feelings as they find things which they had forgotten about, for example, lost photographs. Try not to rush them and be more patient with them.

Break up the move into manageable jobs

A parent or elderly relative may see the thought of relocating as overwhelming – help by handling one issue at a time. As an example, begin with sorting one drawer at a time until an entire room is done before proceeding to the next. Keep concentrated on the task at hand and tick things off as you go so you both feel a sense of accomplishment as you do them.

Make sure they're in charge

That way they're going to be involved in the procedure, and not feel redundant.

Help them to de-clutter

It is likely that an elderly person will be moving house to a smaller place, in which case, lots of their items will not be needed anymore. This isn't always easy for them to deal with. One way to help is by offering to keep things if they are unsure what to do with them until a solution can be found.

Nobody enjoys saying goodbye to the possessions they’ve accumulated over time, so be tactful. If needed, you can place sentimental things into storage and reassure them that their items will be safe.

Plan ahead of the move

As an example, take measurements of the new location so you can understand what is going to fit where. Having this info to hand may also help assure the mover, who may be concerned about the unknown.

Enable them to keep in touch

In addition to leaving their previous residence, they are likely to be leaving a close network of acquaintances and friends. Reassure them that they will still be able to see these friends from time to time at their new address and ask them to visit occasionally.

Arriving in a new location can be really difficult and unsettling for them, particularly if they are now going to share with others in your family or a care home. Help them by making introductions to new friends and gathering information about everyday living at their new address.

Finally, try to make things as upbeat as possible!


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